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Have A Little Fun With A Bubble Umbrella

Author : Mr.Umbrella Date : 3/14/2011 2:15:01 AM
because you're an adult doesn't mean your umbrella can't be a little fun. After all why not put a smile on your face on those dreary wet days? Why not have a little fun with a bubble umbrella?

You say bubble? What does that mean? Does the umbrella leave a trail of bubbles as you go down the road? Nope! But what it does do is engulf you in a bubble keeping you nice and dry.

A bubble umbrella is like a big canopy that will keep you dry and comfy even in the heaviest downpour. No longer do you have to worry about showing up at work soaked or being a big drip on your dinner date.

And these fabulous umbrellas are most commonly found in clear plastic with a colored accent band but there are other options such as the animal prints, or patterns and designs.

There is the standard size, the extra large, and even the children's size. So if your children love to play copy cat why not buy one for them too.

One of the biggest perks to this type of umbrella is its ability to keep you really dry. A standard umbrella leaves you quite exposed especially if the wind is blowing. And a bubble helps provide protection from the wind and other elements.

If you really don't like the look of the clear plastic style shop around for a funkier one. There are many great choices and the most important thing to remember is that you should love what you pick.

Your bubble will look great with your best raincoat, your most fun sports jacket, or your classic leather jacket. The clear plastic provides a great deal of flexibility and you should make sure you take advantage of it.

If you spend a lot of time at the outdoor stadium enjoying sporting events you should consider the bigger model. It's a whopping 48 inches and it will provide adequate protection for you and another person. Now what could be better than staying dry in your very own bubble?

Those darn spring showers show up when you least expect them and you never know when that horrible downpour might occur. If you've got your umbrella with you you'll be dry and cozy.

Finally you can live in a bubble on just a whim with your favorite bubble umbrella to keep you ever so comfortable and cozy.