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The visit in our work room

Author : Mr.Umbrella Date : 4/4/2011 11:21:38 AM

This page is to be a teller to explain the visit to our work room for umbrellas.

Then our reader can know how is our workroom in Dongshi umbrella town and get a true view about the umbrella industrial in China.

I took the photos by my IPHONE 3GS,the pictures is not so clearly,but it's enough to explain how is a umbrella work room running.

(1) We are sewing the umbrella.This procedure can make stiching for the umrella.The canopy of umbrella have to sewing to the 
umbrella ribs by hand.This work can't use machine instead,still need by hand.
It depends on the skill of the workers.Our workers all have experience for this for more than 5 years.This procedure must need a good worker!
Even they don't know English,they do work with computer,however,can make good umrella and meet the buyers minds,can ensure our customer pay the bill for a good and reliable products.

This is the half-done umbrellas.We assort it by items and colors,have to add the handle then to be assembled a whole umbrella.

(3)Assember umbrella with handle.

(4) One of the umbrellas be show:

You can send email to us to know more of our workroom and our factory!
This is Mr.Umbrella from China!