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Umbrellas and stars

Author : Mr.Umbrella Date : 9/11/2011 11:48:12 PM

There is some good view as a famous star hold an umbrella.
It explain their attitude about life and also got good comment from their image.
(1)Marylin Monroe
Marylin Monroe,Marylin Monroe with umbrella,umbrellas,the highest price umbrella,
Then this umbrella be public auction and sold at price 42 thousand usd.

(2). Kelly Rutherford.
In the movie <<Gossip Girl>>,the umbrella also play an important part and make the role shiny!
What happend?You can also show like a movie star!We can also offer this kind of umbrella!


Kelly Rutherford,umbrella,Kelly Rutherford with umbrella,Kelly Rutherford style 
(3).Jacky.Chan. A Chinese action movie star. 
He is holding a lady's umbrella.
What's happening!
This guy always show strong and power in action movies,such as <<Rush hour>>, <<Rumble in the Bronx>>......

Seems strong man also need cover from lady.
Do you agree with me?

Jacky Chen,Jacky Chen's umbrella,jacky chen with umbrella

(4).Audrey Hepbum.
With an shiny image be a love and peace representative,what a lovely Audrey Hepbum there!
So the umbrella is!
Audrey Hepbum,the most beautiful woman in the world,Audrey Hepbum style,Audrey Hepbum with umbrella

(5).  <<Aeon Flux>>    
The fighter also need my umbrella.....:-), What ever it after 400 years,umbrella still shiny!
fighter with umbrella,umbrellas in movie

Yes,it's you.

You can share the umbrella with all of the stars!

Just contact Mr.Umbrella.


                                                                                                 Sincerely Mr.Umbrella


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